Senior and Graduation Sessions

We Make it easy

Our pricing methods and photography session philosophy is easy.We believe photography sessions should be fun and relaxing. Since you have decided to hire a professional photographer, it is in fact a luxury and the shooting process should be enjoyed!

Here is how we do senior pictures

We ask a few questions to get to know you a little and to find out your ideas on what you have in mind for the shoot. Such as are you into nature? Or do you like the city more? Are you wanting something done that shows your involvement with your school , such as the band or sports? Or maybe you want them shot with your car that you are proud of. Once we know a general idea we go to work ! You will be impressed with your photos and proud of them ! I have all top name brand equipment and a lot of it.The best of the best and over 40 years of experience shooting pictures.Basically relax I know what I am doing.I have literally thousands of pictures I can show you or my portfolio of actual prints, but I limit the website due to the fact that images use alot of space and a quick loading website is important for you and me.

Our Prices

We dont have a lot of hidden add-ons to raise the total cost of the shoot. Our rates are easy the shoot itself is 250.00 and this includes one to two hours with the subject. We shoot until we are satisfied that we have great pictures.If you want to change outfits that is fine. You may also change locations if they are relatively close to each other. We require a 50.00 non-refundable deposit to schedule a shooting session (we take debit cards). This can be done in person or over the phone.

The Prints

This is your choice on how much you want to spend. We are a full service photography business. We make beautiful prints that are really artwork! Most people are amazed when they see their prints from Robert Etzen Photography. And that is really what a photographer is all about! We can assemble print packages for you of large and medium prints. We do outsource mass quantities of small prints.For instance if you want 100 round corner wallet size prints for the party we will take care of that for you also.View print package prices