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By Robert Etzen Photography

These views I am about to discuss are strictly non scientific ideas or feelings that I have about photographys future.

A good friend of mine came up to me the other day and proudly displayed his recently made posters . The posters were of him and the church motorcycle club that he had taken with his smart phone. Although they looked okay they had the usual selfie syndrome. This is from holding the phone too close to your head. He knows I have a photography business. As I was looking at the posters he exclaimed  “see why do I need a photographer look how nice these pictures are”. Photographys future for a moment came to mind as I stared at the pictures he had printed.

I know the cellphone has taken giant leaps forward in the camera zone. Some photographers may be worried about photographys future. I am not one of them. Yes for just a little piece of plastic or glass (not Sure) they do a remarkable job of capturing images on your phone. However there is more to photography than alot of people understand. I have a Nikon lens that weighs about 4 pounds. It is a beautiful piece of optical equipment. It contains perfectly ground glass. That glass is then coated to produce tack sharp images without compromise. It and many of my lenses will do things that cell phones cannot do. For instance adjustable depth of field and bokeh effect. Not only bokeh effect but buttery smooth bokeh effect. The kind of bokeh that only comes from the finest optics(bokeh is blurred background).Another thing that is not easy for a phone is flash. In particular high speed sync flash. It takes an extremely powerful flash to overpower the sun. Proper flash will allow you to shoot in bright sunlight as though it was dusk. These are just a couple reasons photography will still be a profession for years to come.

So Whats The Future?

Photographys future is secure in my opinion.You see looking back as far as photography became popular, it has always been (at least in the portrait field) kind of a luxury.People were willing to invest to have a beautiful photo taken of their family. They knew the photographer would give them a flattering image. One they could be proud of and one that would last for generations. I believe people are smart. I think they know shooting a wedding is not something just anyone can do. If they believe that,they are so wrong! A good photographer has a talent or gift,the same way a musician has a gift.He (or she) sees things a little different than others. He (or she) is always thinking about what would be a great shot, even when he doesn’t have his camera with him!I think the average person doesn’t really want to worry about taking pictures of their daughters wedding.The model looking for the big break wants to go first class and hire a pro to give her images to submit.And of course business. Just a look inside the Sunday paper at the adds and they  will show that photography plays a big part in our lives. Whether it be consumer items,real estate,automobiles, fashion, you name it.Without a doubt photography will be around and photographers will still be needed for a long,long time.

Do I have a favorite photographer?

Yes I do and there are several that come to mind. Going back for a good many years to the 1940s as a matter of fact was photographer Ansel Adams. I admire what this man did because when I look at his photographs I can imagine the calm, the serenity that he must have been feeling at the time. There is an image he took of the Grand Tetons and snake river canyon. Every time I look at  the photograph it gives me the impression of how beautiful the world is. But it also reminds me how awesome the power of nature can be.It looks as though a storm could be brewing and it would probably not be a good place to be. Here is a sample of Ansel Adams works in this video.

Modern day photographer favorite ?

Probably Jason Lanier. Jason and I would probably get along just fine. He shoots in a bold “not afraid to try” attitude and I do as well. I love how vivid his photos are. Here is one of his short  videos.

I would love to show you the work we do.I have a few examples and prices too at our wedding sessions page and modeling and portrait sessions.The best is yet to come!

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